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Birthday shenanigans 

My blog has been extremely neglected over the past month or so as I’ve been manically preparing for my birthday and the dust has now settled it has finally ended so I can now discuss with you all- and breatheeeee 😅

I turned 18 on the 11th of this month, I had the best day and was truly spoilt rotten. One of my favourite presents has to be my rings from my friends, they are from Monica Vinader and I absolutely adore them 😍

I also got a gorgeous suede jacket from Zara. I personally have always been obsessed with All Saints, in particular their jackets – both leather and suede, however the price of them has made it simply impossible to get my hands on one. When I saw this jacket in Zara I was shocked as it looks just like one from All Saints. I would advise anyone who is looking to buy an expensive jacket from somewhere like All Saints to definitely have a look around in the high street as you might find a complete double at 1/5 of the price!


I can’t talk about birthday presents without mentioning my baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️:      


I passed my driving test in June of this year and got an early birthday present, shout out to the best mum and dad ever!


On the my actual birthday (friday 11th) I went up to Sushi Samba with my family. First of all we went out on the terrace for some drinks with the infamous orange fairylight-lit tree.


 The restaurant is extremely high up and has a wicked view over London. The japense food in the restaurant was some of the best I have ever eaten. If you are going to go to sushi samba I would thoroughly recommend the following to try;

  1. The yellow tail taccos 
  2. Tempura shrimp 
  3. Beef gyoza 
  4. And of course the cocktailssss🍸

On Friday I ordered a handmade top from @lotties_designs, it looked so cool paired with waxy jeans, a leather jacket and some wedges. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she’s brilliant, so so talented. You can order one from her now and use the code – ella10 to receive 10% off! 


The next day I went up to Shaka Zulu in Camden, it’s a South African themed restaurant and club. If you haven’t been there I would definitely recommend it, the atmosphere is amazing, the music is brilliant and the drinks are even better. We got a table right by the dance floor and had a great time.