Guess who’s back…

The blog has been put on the back burner for the past 4 months and I blame this solely on A Levels!!!!!! The last two years have truly been the most stressful and difficult of my life – so far – but it will all be worth it in August (hopefully😁🤞🏼🍀)
 I have been scrolling past the WordPress app and felt extremely guilty for the neglect I have bestowed upon my blog and I’m keen to right my wrongs. I’m sure we all know that London Fashion Week Festival is upon us and it is a good a time as any to kick start this thing again. I have chosen to share with you all a few of the styles and pieces I am currently obsessing over. 

Nightwear to Outwear

Something I’ve seen over Instagram a lot recently is lingerie worn out on show and I for one am loving it, it gives a sexy look to a once dull outfit. The likes of Kim And Khloe K are supporting this look with skin tight jeans and a pair of killer heels, my personal fave is this look; embellished boyfriend jeans with an oversized velvet bomber jacket and some suede booties to match

The bigger the better

I’m all about comfort, if I’m going to wear an outfit for a long period of time I want it to be comfortable and I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when oversized sweatshirts and jumpers started to fill all of the high street shops. A look used in displays in a lot of shops I’ve been in recently is a sweatshirt placed over a white shirt with some ripped jeans I love this take on a preppy look. Another jumper ensemble I’m liking at the moment is an oversized jumper paired with boot heels, again a casual yet sexy look that requires minimal effort – perfect! Here are some of my favourites; 

This yeezy inspired look from pretty little thing would be great for a night out, plus it comes in a range of colours and under £20🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 

In love with this sweatshirt from Pull and Bear, especially with the corset detailing – sexy sweats what’s not to love🤤🤤

Denim takeover
Denim denim denim. It’s everywhere you can’t escape it (not that I’m complaining) so you might as well embrace it. The specific denim I want to talk about are denim jackets, they have well and truly made a come back. The reason why I love denim jackets are because they are versatile; they can be worn both casually and on a night out. They’re pretty much in every shop at the moment so finding them won’t be the challenge, it’s choosing which one out of the possible 200 that will be the struggle. 

If you feel like you can’t go for a denim jacket as you’re worried it’s a bit too edgey looking I would opt for this one, as its a light denim and smothered in sequins bringing a girly vibe to a more tom boy look, transforming you into a grunge princess 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻


I couldn’t do a blog post without mentioning my newly purchased babies;  

 For months and months I have wanted the Alexander McQueen platform trainers but just couldn’t bring myself to splash over £300 for a pair of trainers💔. So I resorted to searching the highstreet high and low to find the next best thing, leading me to these beauties in Pull and Bear in the sale for …. £9.99. They are practically identical to the Mcqueens for a fraction of the price tag and I am obsessed! 

Hot spots

Like most people I am a die hard Zara fan and can safely say around 2/3 of my wardrobe is probably from Zara, this pains my heart (and also my bank account). However my recent discovery has slightly lifted my spirits, as I’m sure you can tell from the post, there is a lot of stuff from Pull and Bear that I am loving at the moment as it is similar to clothes you would find in Zara and this is because they are owned by the same company (here comes the good part) the clothes in shops like Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka are very similar if not the same style however they are a considerable amount cheaper than ones found in Zara, so for the sake of your bank account do some hunting around before you pig out in Zara 

Again, I apologise for neglecting my blog and I promise to make this a more regular thing from now on! 
Happy shoppingggg👛👛👛👛👛👛👛



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