In the shade 

There is nothing worse than being out in the sun without a pair of sunnies. You’re left squinting and eventually will get a headache so it’s always best to have at least one pair at hand. There are many styles on offer on both the high street and high end and some styles suit certain shaped faces/facial features more than others, it’s all about experimenting and seeing what looks best on you. 


You can find these on Instagram, they offer a huge range of glasses that are all different shapes and also different colour lenses, some mirrored some not. A lot of the styles they offer are similar to designer shades but with a high street price tag. They aren’t expensive, with the prices ranging from £10-£30, so if you’re anything like me and struggle to pick one pair, you can get more than one and it won’t make too much of a hole in your pocket. 

Getting a bit more expensive are these rounded glasses from Ray Ban found on asos. I love this shape and I love the frame as it isn’t too thick. These are all very trendy and would be perfect for festivals. 

Next is this gorgeous pair of Cèline sunglasses I first spotted on a friend of mine. She wore them to We R festival with an all black outfit and they looked unreal. If you don’t mind splashing out on accessories then I would definitely purchase these. 

Talk about sunglasses envy😍 Quay australia are definitely my new fave for sunglasses. They have a range of “out there” quirky pairs of glasses which I absolutely adore and the top right purple pair are definitely going to be up there on my list of things to purchase 😈🔮💜

Let me know of anywhere you find that do cool sunnies, I’d love  to add to my collection! 




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