Leading ladies 

If you’re anything like me inspiration is always key when I’m getting ready and putting an outfit together. There are certain ladies who I follow on Instagram who I turn to for a spot of fashion inspo, my fab five are… 


That faceeeeee😍 Emma Connolly is the model girlfriend of MIC star Proudlock. Due to being involved in the fashion industry she certainly knows what’s what, here are some of her recent posts on Instagram that I have been obsessing over – bottom right especially, an elegant bohemian dress paired with a leather biker jacket and cowboy boots, yessssss Emma 


On to the next one, Millie Mackintosh. Millie leaves me in outfit envy time and time again on her Instagram, her stick thin body can make any outfit look breathe taking, exhibit a, b and c. My favourite is the middle photo, the kimono is from Millie’s collection with asos so I would definitely check it out as she has some lovely stuff on there – most of it very festival appropriate


The lady who makes even the most simplistic outfits look insane. Rosie Huntington-Whitely, we certainly can’t all look like Rosie but however as a consolation we can dress like her. For instance, as seen in the middle picture Rosie is wearing flared jeans which are all predominant this season and are in many shops at the moment whether it’s high street or high end I’m sure you will be able to find a pair and acieve the Rosie look


Another MIC star and a fellow blogger who’s style I simply adore is Louise Thompson. Louise’s style is elegant and quirky and everything inbetween. My favourite outfit is the open back kaftan Louise was seen to be wearing this recently on holiday – the kaftan has been discussed already on my blog, how cute does it look!


I couldn’t blog about my favourite fashion icons without talking about Rihanna, her fashion sense is to die for. She wears what she wants and looks unbelievable in it. 

I have listed their instagrams for you all to have a nosey though them 




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