Tip top flip flops 

Now that summer is here no one wants to spend time fastening and unfastening laces every 10 minutes, why not slip into something a bit more easy to bare?

To start, a simple classic, the flip flop. Everyone has at least one pair of flip flops in their shoe collection and they are an essential for your holiday wardrobe. 

Personally, haviannas are my go to for flip flops, one reason being that they are cheap and because of the huuuuge range of colours they offer. The bronze colour I have chosen is perfect for summer and will definitely compliment a tan. 

Next is sliders – sliders seem to be the thing that everyone is loving  at the moment, whether you are wearing them around the house for comfort or wearing them out and about, I would definitely  recommend investing in a pair. 

I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s colaberation with puma they are too cute; maybe not poolside attire as they may get wet but perfect for going out shopping as they’re comfy and easy to take on and off when trying on new bits. 

The CK version are simple yet gorgeous, they can be used to give a sporty look to a once dull outfit. They could also be worn on holiday as the material is waterproof – worth the money I’d say! 

Next these unreal hunter sliders. They come in a variety of colours and would bring a pop of colour to your summer wardrobe. 

These are certainly not for the faint hearted but I absolutely love them. Whoever decided to combine sliders and trainers is a genius, River Island I salute you. These are definitely on my (very long) list of things to purchase when I get paid next month. 



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